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Motor Insurance Payouts for Damages Caused by “Acts of God”

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Most insurance companies issue policies which cover damages that are done to a vehicle as a result of mother nature, or in other words, damages caused by the “act of god”.

This can range widely from a hail storm, to a tornado, or even something as simple as a falling tree branch.

What most people don’t know is that without an accident, where no other parties are involved, damages to a vehicle are often not covered under your normal insurance policy as that would open a lot of lee-way for insurance fraud. For example, if a tree branch falls on your brand new car with no one around to witness it, you’ll be paying out of your own pocket to fix the damages.

Taking a look at this video sent in by one of our regular readers, it is most fortunate that he had an in-car camera installed in his brand new Mercedes-Benz E-Class as he would now have the evidence that the damage to his new car was caused by an “act of god” instead of being done intentionally to claim insurance money¬†fraudulently.

What are you waiting for? Get an in-car video recorder today to ensure that your insurance companies will never doubt your word!

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