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Hit & Run Accident in Tebrau City, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

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Submitted by one of our readers who had an in-car camera installed in his car, he recorded this accident between 2 Protons while on the way home. You will notice that the blue car changed lanes without checking his blind spot first. Although he did not hit the other car at a high rate of speed, it was enough to send the white car swerving into the trees on the center divider.

The shocking thing about the video is that the blue car then sped off from the scene of the accident without trying to render help or see if the other party is safe.

Although our reader tried to give chase, he was not able to capture the car’s license plate on video due to a high amount of traffic.

Having an in-car camera in your vehicle not only helps you protect yourself, but help be a witness to another accident when other victims need your help!

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